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January 12, 2014 - Young Woman speaks clearly for the first time

A develop mentally delayed young woman worshipped with us. Before preaching, a pastor said, "We should pray for those who need healing." I walked over to her family. Her cousin said, "She did not speak." I prayed, the young woman took the microphone and said, "Thank you!" Recently, I talked to her mother and she told me that she had spoken some words in the past, but never spoke this clearly.


May, 2013 - Healed from Adhesive Capsulitis

Last August while pulling weeds in the garden I injured my left arm. I was sore for a few days then the pain went away. Several months later I was at the supermarket and went to reach for something behind me and in doing so got a jolt of pain in my arm that literally took my breath away. After this episode I tried to duplicate the movement to see what caused the pain but I couldn’t. Yet, when I least expected it the pain would reoccur. At the end of the year I sought the help of a physical therapist who by manipulating my arm was able to pinpoint the movement that would cause the pain. He then gave me some exercises to do that only served to aggravate the situation, now I was in excruciating pain all the time and began to lose mobility in my arm. I couldn’t put my arm on my hip, reach above my head or behind my back, throw my covers over me, place my arm under my pillow without experiencing pain. Being unemployed and without medical insurance I hesitated to go to the doctor because I didn’t want to incur any debt so I prayed for God’s provision. In February when I couldn’t take the pain anymore, through divine providence I was approved for Medicaid and went to see an Orthopedic Surgeon who diagnosed me with adhesive capsulitis. I felt of the Lord to worship at Valley Shore Church. After the sermon Pastor Marios who didn’t know a thing about my situation, ended the service with prayer and the first thing out of his mouth was “pain cannot exist in this atmosphere” and he commanded pain to leave the body, at that moment I felt God’s presence come upon me and the pain left my body. Pastor Marios continued to pray for healing of bones, muscles, tendons and called them into alignment with God. At which point I knew that not only did God remove the pain from my leg He had also healed my arm. And it was finished indeed! The healing of my arm was confirmed on the following Tuesday at the doctor’s visit. In spite of the fact that I had fallen behind this month in doing my exercises when the doctor checked my arm he was able to move it in the direction that I was not able to all these months, completing 100% mobility. A healing process that was supposed to take months God did in a second. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!! The doctor was so amazed at my recovery. He called me his superstar patient because he has never had a patient recover from this condition as quickly as I had. I told him that I was a believer and that I prayed and God healed me.


February, 2013 - The Miracle of Michael.

Recently God gave me, Kevin, the assignment of ministering to a young couple who I will call Bill and Jill. My wife informed me that Jill, her stylist, had been told that her baby, the couple’s first, was suffering from anencephaly, and wouldn’t survive. Based on that, Jill was being encouraged to abort her baby. She was struggling with the decision, but at that point was determined to keep her baby.

The next day I asked the Lord about this because I was so disturbed. The Lord told me that this baby would live and have a major influence for Him in the region, and that the enemy knew it and wanted the baby terminated. I assumed this meant the diagnosis was faulty, and/or a creative miracle was going to happen, and that the baby would be healed and be a leader in the impending revival in Connecticut.

Days later I shared this information with Jill. During the remaining months of the pregnancy, I got the opportunity to experience a lot of confirmation from the Lord, and lots of direct guidance as to how to encourage Bill and Jill. I was also able to lead Bill and Jill, and Jill’s mother, to the Lord. It was the easiest time I have ever had introducing people to our Savior. The baby was born alive, but only lived for one hour. I must admit I was confused and stunned. I was sure the baby was going to be healed! When I attempted to perform the miracle, I could not move my arms or speak. It was powerful, but felt very wrong to me. The parents were joyful and only wept when Michael stopped breathing. They couldn’t thank me enough. The family reacted the same way. The next day the Lord led me to Revelation 12. A woman is giving birth and a dragon is trying to consume the baby, but God immediately takes the baby to His throne. God explained to me that the woman in the story is not Jill, but that the procedure I witnessed was the same. He explained that He needed Michael unstained from the world (like He kept John the Baptist away from religious people for his assignment) to take on an assignment with the Archangel Michael and his army, and that his specific duties would include clearing the atmosphere over New England for open heaven revival to take place. He further explained that the world wasn’t ready for this miracle. It would have caused an avalanche of wrongful death law suits, suicides over grief, and a loss of confidence by medical professionals over possible misdiagnoses. God gently reminded me that the baby had lived when statistically it wasn’t supposed to, and that the fact that it was born from the mother had significance to his assignment. And the baby was going to have a major influence in the region, which had begun with the salvations of his parents and grandmother. He kept His promise. He also encouraged me not to add to His messages! That night I got a text from Jill. It was lengthy, but the two most important parts of it were, “It’s hard to give your baby to a stranger, which is why I am so glad that God is no longer a stranger…”, and, “…when I closed my eyes to go to sleep last night, I saw His hands come down and swaddle my son and take him up...” Glory to God!


August 30, 2012 - Kidneys Healed!

This man was prayed for at one of our Home Groups for Renal Failure. A couple days later he went for his ultrasound on his kidneys & it showed normal blood flow and urine flow with NO masses or evidence of disease. He also had a repeat of his B.U.N. & creatinine which were no longer 2 times the normal rate...they showed normal results. His GFR which previously was 33% is now >60% which its also normal kidney function!! Praise GOD for he IS truly a miracle worker!! The doctor can't explain it, but we can! Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you to all who prayed for him!

K & D.W.

June 8, 2012 - Healed of hand tremors!

Two weeks ago Pastor Marios spoke at the Pentecost conference in Danvers,MA and he had a word that someone was being healed of hand tremors and that he had received that word 2 weeks prior to that day. I wasn't there but some of my friends were and they stood up and claimed the healing for me.They called me as soon as they got home and I was rejoicing for the word.The next morning I tested it by picking up a glass of water with my left hand and drinking without shaking (my left hand had been worse than the right one). I was amazed because 2 weeks prior to that I went to a naturopathic doctor seeking help for my hand tremors and he tested me and gave me herbs to heal me. Within a few days the shaking improved. So I know he heard from God .I had this problem for over fifteen years and doctors told me it was hereditary and they had no cure for it.But I knew Jesus could heal me.And the naturopathic doctor is a Christian, so he was happy to hear the good news. I wanted you to know that Pastor Marios' word was right on and I praise God using him to bring healing wherever he goes. My husband and I live in Gloucester Ma and we are part of the Northshore Bridge church.


F. R.

April 1, 2012 -God’s favor and blessings!

This past Sunday, Pastor Marios had everyone stand up that was trying to sell something. I stood because we had been trying to sell a bunk bed on Craig’s List for about a month, with no luck. Then pastor prayed for God to give us favor and for the item(s) to sell. Well, at the same time we were in church, I received an email about the bed. I emailed her back on Monday, she looked at it THAT night and BOUGHT it for full price, with no haggling and we also made a 75% profit. ~God is good.


January 28, 2012 - Shoulder Healed!

I'm not sure which session it was but David had a word of knowledge for shoulders. I didn't think anything of it because I don't really have problems with mine. Well, I went to the gym today and sat down at the shoulder press. In the past I wouldn't add any weight to it because my shoulder would pop and it would hurt if I did but this morning I had 25lbs on that sucker and it didn't hurt at all! I was healed without even realizing I needed it!


November, 12, 2011 - Cataracts healed!

I attended the David Wagner conference on Saturday 11/12/11. During the morning Davie Wagner had a word that cataracts were going to be removed from eyes. I claimed the word for myself and my cataracts were removed. The Lord also blessed me with another healing of my eyes. I now have depth perception. In other words I can now see in 3-d.

S. B.

April, 10, 2011 - Boy healed of scoliosis:

While at church, I prayed for 15 year old boy with scoliosis. I noticed he was standing crooked. I asked him if he had scoliosis, and he replied, "yes, real bad." I took authority over it in the name of Jesus and commanded his spine to straighten. As his spine was aligning, his arm grew until it was even with the other one, and his leg did too. Then I put my hands on his pelvis, and commanded the pelvis to come into proper alignment in Jesus' name, and his pelvis started to sway from side to side. I then removed my hands, and his pelvis continued to sway from side to side for a while, without my hands on him. He had previously walked with "duck feet" and afterwards, he walked straight. Additionally, he said he felt like someone was tugging and straightening his back. He was completely straight by the time he walked out of the church. I spoke with his mother the next day, and she confirmed that he is straight and has been healed. He said he felt a bit of soreness in his back from the stretching and aligning that God did. His faith has been restored back to God! Thank You, Jesus!

L. B.

February 14, 2011 - Woman Raised from the Dead:

I had an experience yesterday that will forever stay with me.

I received a call from the office and they told me an aide had called and said she couldn’t wake the client (an elderly woman) and that the client had not been responding for about a half hour. They called 911. I threw on my jacket and dashed over to the client’s house and got there the same time the EMTs arrived. I asked the aide if the woman had responded yet . She said, “No.” As the EMT followed me into the room, I simply reached out and touched the woman’s arm. And INSTANTLY she sat right up and said, “How are you darling?” I was just so grateful she was alive and I know how much her son loves her and how much he would miss her. The EMT was checking on her and I then checked her pulse on her arm and there was no pulse and then she passed out. The EMT put oxygen on her and she was still not coming back. I asked the aide to get some socks for her because I knew they were taking her out to the ambulance. As I bent down to put her socks on, I was flooded with all these silver stars or balls of light which I believe are angels. They came towards me and flowed over me. I have seen these before but not such a big mass of them. There were so many of them it was hard to see the police officer or the aide through them all. WOW! I asked the other people in the room if they could see what I was seeing and they said, “No.” They proceeded to take her blood pressure and they got a reading of 40 over 20. Then they took her to the hospital. Later in the day I went to the ER to visit her and she was getting back from testing and she now had color in her face. I told her she looked beautiful and that her son was on his way to see her. I asked her what happened to her and she said she had a lovely dream that she was in a splendorous place and it was so beautiful. I asked her if she was in another realm and she looked at me and jokingly said, “Dear, you are in another realm.” It wasn’t until I came home from work that I realized that God raised this 90+ year old woman from the dead. It was incredible. Because of this experience, I will always trust God completely! There is no question about raising the dead anymore. I witnessed it. God showed me yesterday not to doubt. This whole experience was just totally incredible. God is raising the dead! AMEN.

January 30, 2011.

This is a great testimony of Gods Goodness.

Last Sunday as my husband and I were looking for beds, my daughter showed us a gigantic mirror that she would like to get, the size of her bedroom wall. Its pretty big. We didnt buy it for her at the time. She showed it to us as a wish list as teens do with their parents. Today my husband was on a job at work, going down to the next floor, he missed the elevator and had to wait for the next one to come. As he was waiting he over heard some people talking down the hall about throwing out a mirror. He asked if he could have it to the group of people that was there, and a gentleman said, sure he could. A woman also there said, "how do you know I dont want it", my husband kindly said,"You can have it if you would like". She said: "I can put it on my wall". He said. "thats what I wanted it for, my daughter for, she has been looking for a mirror just like this and she wants it for her bedroom wall. The lady said. I"'m only kidding your going to be the best Dad ever when you bring this mirror home to your Daughter, you can have it.

Let me explain to you this mirror, it has a beautiful wooden black, bluish frame. Its the size of her bedroom wall just like she wanted. The mirror is a thick mirror, one of the best HD mirrors around. It probably cost if you were to buy it in a funiture store about $2000.00 Dollars. It is now sitting in our basement ready to be put up. She is the most happiest teen, that God showed how much love for her just in the littlest things, like a bedroom mirror. God truly wants to bless you in all areas of your life, all the way down to details of your desires. If my husband went down any sooner down on that elevator he would of missed God's opportunity of the blessing. Timing is everything also, and divine connections, also God's favor on your life. God is a Good God and he wants to bless.


January 9, 2011

A man came in the church using a walker and left the church carrying it under his arm. Healed in the name of Jesus!

December 2010 "glasses"

Tonight I said to myself.... I will look one more time thru my pocketbooks for my prescription glasses that have been missing for months. Well, I went through all the purses and didn't find them... then I saw my big tote bag on the floor that I use for the beach and when we go to NJ... I said.. why not.... and checked inside... and yes, on the bottom was my glass case with my glasses!

PTL ... amazing!

Thank you, Lord!


(Note: This testimony is directly connected to the Sunday message.)

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